Cream Polishing

May 27, 2010

As with many things, there are many different levels of polishing concrete.  From a “cream polish” to “salt and pepper” to “deep grind” with all levels of sheen for each type.

One of our most popular polishes is the cream polish.  This is a great finish because it simply enhances the beauty of the slab.  It results in a smooth, easy to clean, beautiful floor.

integral colour - cream polished concrete

natural concrete - cream polished concrete

integral colour - cream polish

natural concrete - cream polish

light reflective shake on hardener - cream polished concrete

natural concrete - cream polish

integral colour cream polished concrete

Lightly Polished Coloured Concrete

March 25, 2010

We were recently in Gas Town in Vancouver and decided to re-visit a project we completed about 4 years ago.  We have had more inquiries about Inform Interiors flooring than almost any other project with public access that we have done.

Polished concrete - Inform

The floor started as a structural slab that was poured and raked out (by others).  On top of that coloured concrete was poured (by others).   The floor was badly marked from the placement and was cracking due to the structural slab sucking the moisture out of the finished slab and lack of expansion joints (among various other factors).

The client was looking for a light coloured neutral floor that would showcase the furniture and brought Danamac in to consult on how to accomplish this.

Danamac came in and pre-filled all the cracks to minimize the enlargement of them.  We then gave to floor a light polish to even out and refine the floor.  The result is a one of a kind  floor that showcases the clients furniture beautifully. 4 years later …. it remains interesting , unique and gorgeous!

Inform - light polished coloured concrete

Inform Interiors - Light Polish

Let it glow Let it glow Let it glow

March 1, 2010

Danamac recently completed this beautiful polished concrete project in a brand new house.

Danamac was brought in at the early planning stages.  We were able to give some direction to our customer at this stage.  The customer wanted a unique floor, acid stained with deep polish.  Danamac was able to be present during the concrete pour to seed the floor with some glow in the dark aggregate.  Because we were involved in the early stages we were able to get in and put in strategically placed sawcuts to minimize the uncontrolled cracking.

This project started out with good flat hard concrete and a customer who was willing to think outside the box.  The result is a beautiful polished  concrete floor!

Special thanks to Carol Kerfoot of CarolKerfoot Photography and Kristy Harrison of KristyHarrison photography – it’s not an easy task to capture the effect of a glow in the dark polished concrete floor in a picture!

Decorative Concrete Overlay

January 25, 2010

After being on a few large commercial polished concrete projects it was fun to do a decorative overlay!

This project is a large tile pattern thin concrete overlay in our customers’ bedroom and bathroom.

There are heat cables in the self leveller.  Danamac then  came in and went over it with this decorative concrete overlay.

Old Faithful ……

December 9, 2009

At Danamac we pride ourselves on having the Knowledge, Experience and EQUIPMENT to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.  We take time to not only ensure that we have the right equipment but we also ensure that our equipment is maintained properly.

We have one machine that has been our “go to” machine for years.   We call it “old faithful”  others that are the same make and model don’t have the same reputation with us as this particular machine does.  This machine has a huge amount of square feet under it’s belt (so to speak!) and has only required the regular maintenance that is standard at Danamac.

……. well ……. the time has come that old faithful is on her last belts and needs some serious attention.  Lets see how far she goes with her new overhaul!

Westcoast Ford Lincoln

November 3, 2009

This project is tilt up construction.  The client wanted a high polished concrete floor.  This was achieved by Danamac’s skilled team by using our expertise and our polishing equipment.  In addition to the beautiful polished concrete finish achieved,  there is a neat sawcut pattern which is filled with custom black polyurea joint filler on this floor. It was a pleasure to work for WestCoast Ford Lincoln, Bynett Construction and Graham Hoffart Mathiasen Architects on this project.

The showroom and office are natural grey high polished concrete which was densified and sealed.

WC Ford 1

natural grey high polished concrete

The Service and Parts areas are also polished concrete but with light reflective shake on hardener to increase the brightness

WC Ford2

light reflective hardener polished concrete

Once our portion of the project was completed, the floors were covered with a protective board.  Construction continued for another 8 months.  The contractor then uncovered the floor, Danamac came back in to give the floors a quick final buff and the client was ready to open for business.


October 1, 2009

Danamac Homes Ltd. started off as a spec house and custom home building company.  It was when we did our first stamped concrete driveway at one of the spec houses that the interest in concrete and the things that could be done with it really started.  A few stamped concrete driveways later and the focus of the company changed and Danamac Concrete Systems came to life.

When we first started in the decorative concrete business our main projects were residential decks, walkways and driveways in stamped or stained concrete.

stamped driveway

stained & stamped concrete patio


Throughout the years we have further refined our focus.  We have for the past few years found ourselves working on both commercial and residential projects.  We mainly do indoor concrete work with a large focus on polished concreteconcrete grinding and concrete overlays for interior floors.  In fact, we have not done an outdoor project in well over a year.

polished concrete flooring

polished concrete overlay


Since 1992 we have been refining our KNOWLEDGE of concrete and its properties.  Believe it or not, there is a lot to it!    We have been gaining EXPERIENCE in this field which enables us to trouble shoot projects to determine the best course of action for each situation.  We have also through the years acquired the EQUIPMENT that not only helps our crews to be able to complete the projects properly but also helps us be as efficient as possible.  The right tools for the job are very important.  KNOWLEDGE. EXPERIENCE and EQUIPMENT  all work together to ensure that Danamac lives up to the reputation that we have earned.  We continue to strive to ensure that each and every one of our projects is completed to meet and exceed expectations of the client.