Danamac Homes Ltd. started off as a spec house and custom home building company.  It was when we did our first stamped concrete driveway at one of the spec houses that the interest in concrete and the things that could be done with it really started.  A few stamped concrete driveways later and the focus of the company changed and Danamac Concrete Systems came to life.

When we first started in the decorative concrete business our main projects were residential decks, walkways and driveways in stamped or stained concrete.

stamped driveway

stained & stamped concrete patio


Throughout the years we have further refined our focus.  We have for the past few years found ourselves working on both commercial and residential projects.  We mainly do indoor concrete work with a large focus on polished concreteconcrete grinding and concrete overlays for interior floors.  In fact, we have not done an outdoor project in well over a year.

polished concrete flooring

polished concrete overlay


Since 1992 we have been refining our KNOWLEDGE of concrete and its properties.  Believe it or not, there is a lot to it!    We have been gaining EXPERIENCE in this field which enables us to trouble shoot projects to determine the best course of action for each situation.  We have also through the years acquired the EQUIPMENT that not only helps our crews to be able to complete the projects properly but also helps us be as efficient as possible.  The right tools for the job are very important.  KNOWLEDGE. EXPERIENCE and EQUIPMENT  all work together to ensure that Danamac lives up to the reputation that we have earned.  We continue to strive to ensure that each and every one of our projects is completed to meet and exceed expectations of the client.


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