Let it glow Let it glow Let it glow

Danamac recently completed this beautiful polished concrete project in a brand new house.

Danamac was brought in at the early planning stages.  We were able to give some direction to our customer at this stage.  The customer wanted a unique floor, acid stained with deep polish.  Danamac was able to be present during the concrete pour to seed the floor with some glow in the dark aggregate.  Because we were involved in the early stages we were able to get in and put in strategically placed sawcuts to minimize the uncontrolled cracking.

This project started out with good flat hard concrete and a customer who was willing to think outside the box.  The result is a beautiful polished  concrete floor!

Special thanks to Carol Kerfoot of CarolKerfoot Photography and Kristy Harrison of KristyHarrison photography – it’s not an easy task to capture the effect of a glow in the dark polished concrete floor in a picture!


3 Responses to Let it glow Let it glow Let it glow

  1. Nicole says:

    That is a fantastic floor! The glow in the dark stones adds an element of surprise when the lights go out. Quite the ‘conversation piece’. Great job!

  2. Carol says:

    This floor is simply amazing. The images do not do it justice as its too cool for words.

    Thanks Laurie and Dan for letting us have a go at trying to capture your incredible work.

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